Building Resiliency in Your Students

Preparing Them for Success in Your Classroom and Life

Course #: EDDU 9778

Credit: 3 semester hours of Graduate credit from Brandman University

Cost: $400

Building Resiliency - LoVerde Group

Course Description

Success in any endeavor is never a straight line; it is always filled with twists, turns, setbacks and failures. How we handle those twists, turns, setbacks and failures determines our ultimate success in life. The same is true for students, as learning involves challenging oneself and finding out one’s potential only by reaching the point where one ultimately fails. In this course, participants will look at the factors that help a student become resilient and the various strategies teachers can employ in their classroom to foster resilience.

The first step in this class will be to examine the concept of resilience. What factors exist that one student takes a setback or failure as a challenge to grow and get better and another student simply quits trying. We will look at factors in the society, home and the individual student themselves, understanding the uniqueness of each student in dealing with all of those different influences. We will also look the impact at these factors are having on instruction, student behavior and relationships with parents.

In the second part of the class, we will have participants assess two individual students related to their ability to deal with the setbacks and failures they are experiencing in the classroom. Participants will look at the factors that are influencing the student’s inability to be resilient and be taught specific strategies they can use to address those factors. 

The participants will then implement actions and strategies to promote resilience in each of the two students selected. After they implement those actions, they will collect evidence related to the impact these actions and strategies had on the student’s ability to be resilient. 

Finally, participants will evaluate the impact their actions had on building resiliency in these two students and the impact it is having on their learning and behavior in the classroom. They will also collect student evidence to support their evaluation.

Resiliency is an attribute and skill that will foster success in each student their entire lives as they deal with the challenges life presents.


This course consists of 4 modules. Each module has a PowerPoint presentation that you will watch and then complete the accompanying worksheets.

You can choose to have each module sent to you as you complete it, or we can send you all of the modules at the same time.

You will have up to 6 months to complete the class. Credit for the class can’t be granted sooner than one month after registering even if you complete all the modules before that time.

Once you have completed the class, you will receive an email from Brandman University with your student account. It will have a login and password for you to be able to access your grades and request a transcript.

If you have any questions or concerns as you view the PowerPoints and complete the written work, please contact Emily LoVerde Berchier at:

Phone: (505) 333-9609

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