Creating a Culture of Excellence in Your Classroom

Course #: EDUC 9094

Credit: 3 semester hours of Graduate credit from Brandman University

Cost: $400

Culture of Excellence - LoVerde Group

Course Description

In this class, participants will learn specific strategies to both build and maintain a culture of excellence in their classrooms where students can succeed and perform at their highest levels of learning. They will follow a 5 step process that will have them analyze their present classroom culture, determine strategies they can use to build a more positive culture, implement those strategies over a period of time, evaluate the effectiveness of those strategies and finally determine which of those strategies they will continue to use in their classrooms.

In the first step, participants will assess the culture that presently exists in their classroom. This will include students’ feelings and beliefs related to safety, sense of belonging, purposeful work, consistency, fairness, voice, and support. This will be accomplished through surveys and direct communication with both students and parents.

In the next step, participants will look at various strategies to both build and maintain a culture of excellence. Specific strategies will be provided and modeled by the instructors and participants will have the opportunity to learn from their colleagues in the class. Participants will also be expected to research strategies on their own.

In the third step, participants will determine the best strategies based upon their student’s needs. They will then implement those strategies over a period of time, collecting student evidence to determine the effectiveness of those strategies.

The next step is the evaluation phase of the process. They will have created specific criteria by which to evaluate each action and using the student evidence they gathered, the participants will assess the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of each action they implemented.

The final step is one of reflection. In this step participants will determine which strategies they will continue to use in their classrooms to build a culture of excellence, which need to be modified and which need to be discarded.

Building a culture of excellence in a classroom, where students feel safe, are willing to take risks, have a sense of belonging and focus on learning is a classroom where students can truly reach their highest levels of achievement.


This course consists of 4 modules. Each module has a Powerpoint presentation that you will watch and then complete the accompanying worksheets.

You can choose to have each module sent to you as you complete it, or we can send you all of the modules at the same time. 

You will have up to 6 months to complete the class. Credit for the class can’t be granted sooner than one month after registering even if you complete all the modules before that time.

Once you have completed the class, you will receive an email from Brandman University with your student account. It will have a login and password for you to be able to access your grades and request a transcript.

If you have any questions or concerns as you view the PowerPoints and complete the written work, please contact Emily LoVerde Berchier at:

Phone: (505) 333-9609

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