Hawaii Classes

New Webex Class offerings for Spring 2022!

DOE is now Accepting University Credits Like They Did in the 90ʻs and Early 2000s!

This is a recent change and click the button below to see the memo stating the change. This means Hawaii teacher can take our online classes or live WebX classes. 

You must get Principal approval for any class you take. All of our classes are written to address specific parts of the District’s Strategic Plan. When you go for Principal approval you can share with them what objectives the class is addressing. Click the button to see what objectives each class addresses. This also means the portfolios submitted to the LoVerde Group WILL NOT have to be resubmitted to the DOE’s PDE3 office for further evaluation and assessment. Participants will receive credit through UMASS Global. 

New Live Webex Course Offerings for Spring 2022​

Strategies for Supporting and Engaging Parents of ESL Students 

EDEU 9018

This class can be used to meet the TESOL requirement. Check with your Principal when you are getting approval)

Live March 14-16th 9:00-3:00pm and April 23rd, 9:00-3:00pm

3 Graduate level credits and $400 fee

If you are unable to make these dates, register to take this course online and self-paced.

Creating a Sense of Belonging In Your Students 

EDUC 9933 

Live March 17-19st 9:00-3:00pm and April 30th, 9:00-3:00pm

3 Graduate level credits and $400 fee

If you are unable to make these dates, register to take this course online and self-paced.

Brandman Acquired By University of Massachusetts Global

Brandman University was recently acquired by the University of Massachusetts and branded as University of Massachusetts Global.  It still carries its same accreditation Senior College and University Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WSCUC), which is the same accreditation as The University of Hawaii Mānoa.  The Loverde Group has been in contact with the Hawaii DOE and has been reassured that classes obtained through UMASS Global meets the criteria for reclassification.

Previous Classes:


Title:            Deconstructing Standards/Objectives: How to Create Learning Targets                   
DOE#:          IS185559                Brandman University      EDRU 9978                  

Title:            Addressing the Gender Gap in Education                   
DOE#:          AR 185565                Brandman University      EDDU 9136

Title:            Building a Sense of Total Well-being in Your Students                 
DOE#:          LE 185599                Brandman University      EDUU 9033

Title:            Inspiring Excellence in Your Students                   
DOE#:          IS 185597                Brandman University      EDCU 9103

Title:            Creating a Sense of Belonging                 
DOE#:         SCR 185374             Brandman University       EDUC 9933

Title:           Developing a Strengthened Sense of Responsibility                 
DOE#:          LE 185385                Brandman University      EDUC 9951


Title:           Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Students                   
DOE#:          AR 184507                Brandman University      EDDU 9451

Title:           How to Build Partnerships with Parents, Community Resources and District Programs                   
DOE#:          SCR 184240                Brandman University      EDAU 9024


Title:           How to Deal With the Challenging Student in Your Classroom                   
DOE#:          IS 182973                Brandman University      EDCU 9978


Title:           Empowering Your Student for Success in Your Classroom and Life          
DOE#:          IS 182974                Brandman University      EDCU 9495


Title:           Creating a Positive Learning Environment to Achieve Common Core Standards and HCPS III
DOE#:          AR 166445                Brandman University      EDCU 9048

                     October 2017-February 2018


Title:           Building Resiliency in Your Students: Preparing Them for Success in Your Classroom and Life

DOE#:          LE 182105                 Brandman University      EDDU 9778


Title:           Today’s Cyber World: How to Manage Its Impact on Learning in Your Classroom

DOE#:           IS  182103                 Brandman University    EDKU 9422 


Title:            Visual Representations: An Effective Tool to Promote Learning and Critical Thinking in Your Students

DOE#:            IS 181924                  Brandman University    EDDU 9494


Title:            Instructional Strategies That Address Multiple Intelligences

DOE#            IS 181942                  Brandman University    EDDU 9493 



Title:            Addressing the Third “R”: How to Build Positive Relationships With Your Students and Their Parents
DOE #’:         SCR 153302

                      October 2016-February 2017 

Title:             Reaching the Reluctant Learner
DOE#:           IS 180836                 Brandman University      EDDC 9005

Title:             Effective Questioning: A Proven Strategy for Promoting Complex Thinking and Student Achievement

DOE#:           IS 180852                 Brandman University      EDUC 9006

Title:             Differentiation Strategies: How to Meet the Instructional Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom
DOE#:           IS 180408                 Brandman University      EDUC 9095

Title:             Strategies for Building a Culture of Excellence in Your Classroom
DOE#:           IS 180440                Brandman University       EDUC 9094

Title:             Effective Communication: How to Ensure Your Students Master This GLO
DOE #:          ST 153109
                      October-February 2016

Title:             Bringing Excitement to the Classroom: Understanding What Motivates and Engages Today’s Students
DOE #:          IS 179652               Brandman University        EDDU 9355

Title:              Creating Responsible Learners: Strategies for Teaching Students to Take Control of Their Education
DOE #:           IS 179666              Brandman University        EDDU 9399

Title:              Creating the Village: Strategies for Engaging All Stakeholders in the Educational Process
DOE #:           SCR 179349         Brandman University         EDDU 9323

Title:               Knowing Your Students: A Key Component to Providing Effective Instruction
DOE #:            IS 179432             Brandman University         EDDU 9324

Title:              A Four-Step Model for Increasing Rigor in the Classroom
DOE #:            TIS 178375            Brandman University         EDDU 9233

Title:               Creating the Optimal Learning Conditions for the Brain: Putting the Latest Research Into Practice
DOE #:            AR 178390            Brandman University        EDDU 9232

Title:               Complex Thinking: Strategies for Teaching This GLO in Your Classroom
DOE #:            TS 167844             Brandman University         EDDU 9193
                        Feb. – June 

Title:               Data Driven Instruction: The Key to Improving Student Achievement
DOE #:            AS 177901            Brandman University         EDDU 9192
                        Feb. – June

Title:               Closing the Gender Gap: Understanding How Males and Females Learn Differently
DOE#:              IS 166691              Brandman University      EDDU 9136  

Title:                How to Create and Use Formative Assessments to Improve Student Achievement
DOE#:              AS 166716               Brandman University     EDDU 9135

Title:                 Cultural Diversity: Identifying and Addressing Its Impact on Student Achievement
DOE#:               ME 166420            Brandman University      EDDU 9100                                                  

Title:                 Creating Positive Learning Environments to Achieve Common Core, HCPS III and GLO’s
DOE#:               AR 166445              Brandman University     EDCU 9038

Title:                  How to Use Project Based Learning to Teach the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and GLO’s
DOE#:                IS 155629                Brandman University     EDDC 9053   

Title:                  Understanding Student Behavior and How to Use That Knowledge to Improve Instruction
DOE#:                AR 155658              Brandman University     EDUC 9028   

Title:                  Thinking Maps:  An Effective Tool in Teaching Your Students to Become Complex Thinkers
DOE#:                TS 153773              Brandman University    EDDU 9029

Title:                  A Four Step Model for Teaching Your Students to Become Community Contributors
DOE#                 AR 153800               Brandman University       EDDU 9040

Title:                   How to Use Technology to Improve Instruction
DOE#:                 IS 153287                Brandman University     EDKU 9000  

Title:                   Addressing the Third “R:” How to Build Positive Relationships With Your Students and Their Parents
DOE#:                 SCR 153303             Brandman University     EDUC 9002          

Title:                    Effective Communication: How to Ensure Your Students Master This GLO
DOE#:                  ST 153109                                          

Title:                   Strategies to Strengthen the Social, Emotional and Physical Well-Being of All Your Students
DOE#:                  LE 153152                                            

Title:                    Student Centered Learning: An Instructional Strategy That Works
DOE#:                  IS 152753               Brandman University     EDUC 9688 D 

Title:                    Creating Quality Producers in Your Classroom
DOE#:                  ST 152755              Brandman University     EDUC 9689 D 

Title:                    Helping Students Become Self-Directed Learners
DOE#:                  ST 152558              Brandman University     EDUC  9618 D

Title:                     Underachieving Students: How to Identify the Causes and Develop Strategies to Make Them Successful
DOE#:                   LE 152585               Brandman University     EDUC 9619 D 

Title:                    Higher Order Thinking Skills: The Essential Component to Improving Test Scores
DOE#:                   2840                     Brandman University      EDUC 9455 D 

Title:                      Inclusion: How to Make It Work in Your Classroom
DOE#:                    LE150827               Brandman University     EDUC 9456 D 

Title:                      Diversity: How to Recognize and Meet the Unique Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom
DOE#:                    2758                    Brandman University      EDUC 9410 B         

Title:                      Classroom Management That Works
DOE#:                    2758                    Brandman University      EDUC 9130 B  

Title:                    Brain-Based Teaching: Using the Latest Brain Research to Improve Instruction
DOE#::                  2486                      Brandman University:    9828 B         

Title:                    Differentiation in Practice: How to Make It Work in Your Classroom
 DOE:                   2485                       Brandman University:    9829 B        

Title:                  How to Create Multiple Assessments Tools to Determine a Student’s Comprehension of  Content Standards
DOE:                   2149 (this is a repeat of class #113)  Brandman University:    9105 B  

Title:                  Effective Classroom Management: The Key to Improving Student Achievement
DOE#:                 1894                        Brandman University:     EDUC 9762 B     

Title:                 Improving Student Achievement By Increasing Parent and Community Support
DOE#:                1895                       Brandman University:     EDUC 9763 B   


Title::                How to Use Rubrics to Improve Instruction
DOE#:               1524                         Chapman University:     EDUC 9122D     

Title:                Aligning Standards With Instruction: How to Develop Activities Consistent With Content Standards
DOE#:              1525                        Chapman University:     EDUC 9123 D      


Title:                Using Research Based Motivation Strategies to Improve Student Achievement
DOE#:              1079                       Chapman University:     EDUC 9551 B    

Title:              How to Create Assessments That and Improve Student Performance
DOE#:             1086                        Chapman University:     EDUC 9554 B     3 Graduate Level Credits

Title:              Techniques That Help Organize Student thinking and Learning of Content Standards
DOE#:             946 (this is the same course at #112)    Chapman University:     EDUC 9106 B      

Title:              Diversity: How to Recognize and Meet the Unique Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom
DOE#:             930                          Chapman University:     EDUC 9410 B      

Title:              Classroom Management That Works: Using Research-Based Strategies to Create an Effective Learning Environment
DOE#:             575                           Chapman University:     EDUC 9130 B     

Title:              The Differentiated Classroom: Addressing the Needs of All Your Students
DOE#:             513                           Chapman University:     EDUC 9265 B      

Title:            How to Create Multiple Assessment Tools to Determine Student Comprehension of Content Standards
DOE#:            113      3 “PD” Credits          Chapman University:     EDUC 9105 B     

Title:            Techniques That Help Organize Student thinking and Learning of Content Standards
DOE#:            112                                      Chapman University:     EDUC 9106 B