Hawaii Classes

Current Classes:

How to Build Partnerships with Parents, Community Resources and District Programs

Course #: DOE                           SCR 184240

Brandman University              EDAU 9042


            Section #295600                June 17, 2019                         8:00-4:00pm

                                                           June 18, 2019                         8:00-4:00pm

                                                           October 12, 2019                    8:00-4:00pm

                                                           November 20, 2019               4:30-8:00pm

             Section #295601                June 19, 2019                         8:00-4:00pm

                                                           June 20, 2019                         8:00-4:00pm

                                                           October 26, 2019                    8:00-4:00pm

                                                           November 21, 2019                4:30-8:00pm

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Students

Course #: DOE                          AR 184507

Brandman University              EDDU 9451


Section #294925                            June 10, 2019                           8:00-4:00pm

                                                           June 11, 2019                           8:00-4:00pm

                                                           September 28, 2019                8:00-4:00pm

                                                           November 18, 2019                 4:30-8:00pm

Section #296125                             June 12, 2019                           8:00-4:00pm

                                                           June 13, 2019                           8:00-4:00pm

                                                           October 5, 2019                        8:00-4:00pm

                                                           November 19, 2019                 4:30-8:00pm

Fall Session .                                   October 7, 2019                        8:00-4:00pm 

                                                           October 8, 2019                        8:00-4:00pm 

                                                           January 11, 2020                     8:00-4:00pm 

                                                           February 18, 2020                    4:30-8:00pm

Previous Classes:


Title:            How to Deal With the Challenging Student in Your Classroom                   
DOE#:          IS 182973                Brandman University      EDCU 9978


Title:            Empowering Your Student for Success in Your Classroom and Life          
DOE#:          IS 182974                Brandman University      EDCU 9495


Title:            Creating a Positive Learning Environment to Achieve Common Core Standards and HCPS III
DOE#:          AR 166445                Brandman University      EDCU 9048

                     October 2017-February 2018


Title:            Building Resiliency in Your Students: Preparing Them for Success in Your Classroom and Life

DOE#:          LE 182105                 Brandman University      EDDU 9778


Title:            Today’s Cyber World: How to Manage Its Impact on Learning in Your Classroom

DOE#:           IS  182103                 Brandman University    EDKU 9422 


Title:             Visual Representations: An Effective Tool to Promote Learning and Critical Thinking in Your Students

DOE#:            IS 181924                  Brandman University    EDDU 9494


Title:             Instructional Strategies That Address Multiple Intelligences

DOE#            IS 181942                  Brandman University    EDDU 9493 



Title:             Addressing the Third “R”: How to Build Positive Relationships With Your Students and Their Parents
DOE #’:         SCR 153302

                      October 2016-February 2017 

Title:             Reaching the Reluctant Learner
DOE#:           IS 180836                 Brandman University      EDDC 9005

Title:             Effective Questioning: A Proven Strategy for Promoting Complex Thinking and Student Achievement

DOE#:           IS 180852                 Brandman University      EDUC 9006

Title:             Differentiation Strategies: How to Meet the Instructional Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom
DOE#:           IS 180408                 Brandman University      EDUC 9095

Title:             Strategies for Building a Culture of Excellence in Your Classroom
DOE#:           IS 180440                Brandman University       EDUC 9094

Title:             Effective Communication: How to Ensure Your Students Master This GLO
DOE #:          ST 153109
                      October-February 2016

Title:             Bringing Excitement to the Classroom: Understanding What Motivates and Engages Today’s Students
DOE #:          IS 179652               Brandman University        EDDU 9355

Title:              Creating Responsible Learners: Strategies for Teaching Students to Take Control of Their Education
DOE #:           IS 179666              Brandman University        EDDU 9399

Title:              Creating the Village: Strategies for Engaging All Stakeholders in the Educational Process
DOE #:           SCR 179349         Brandman University         EDDU 9323

Title:               Knowing Your Students: A Key Component to Providing Effective Instruction
DOE #:            IS 179432             Brandman University         EDDU 9324

Title:               A Four-Step Model for Increasing Rigor in the Classroom
DOE #:            TIS 178375            Brandman University         EDDU 9233

Title:               Creating the Optimal Learning Conditions for the Brain: Putting the Latest Research Into Practice
DOE #:            AR 178390            Brandman University        EDDU 9232

Title:               Complex Thinking: Strategies for Teaching This GLO in Your Classroom
DOE #:            TS 167844             Brandman University         EDDU 9193
                        Feb. – June 

Title:               Data Driven Instruction: The Key to Improving Student Achievement
DOE #:            AS 177901            Brandman University         EDDU 9192
                        Feb. – June

Title:               Closing the Gender Gap: Understanding How Males and Females Learn Differently
DOE#:              IS 166691              Brandman University      EDDU 9136  

Title:                How to Create and Use Formative Assessments to Improve Student Achievement
DOE#:              AS 166716               Brandman University     EDDU 9135

Title:                 Cultural Diversity: Identifying and Addressing Its Impact on Student Achievement
DOE#:               ME 166420            Brandman University      EDDU 9100                                                  

Title:                 Creating Positive Learning Environments to Achieve Common Core, HCPS III and GLO’s
DOE#:               AR 166445              Brandman University     EDCU 9038

Title:                  How to Use Project Based Learning to Teach the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and GLO’s
DOE#:                IS 155629                Brandman University     EDDC 9053   

Title:                  Understanding Student Behavior and How to Use That Knowledge to Improve Instruction
DOE#:                AR 155658              Brandman University     EDUC 9028   

Title:                  Thinking Maps:  An Effective Tool in Teaching Your Students to Become Complex Thinkers
DOE#:                TS 153773              Brandman University    EDDU 9029

Title:                  A Four Step Model for Teaching Your Students to Become Community Contributors
DOE#                 AR 153800               Brandman University       EDDU 9040

Title:                   How to Use Technology to Improve Instruction
DOE#:                 IS 153287                Brandman University     EDKU 9000  

Title:                   Addressing the Third “R:” How to Build Positive Relationships With Your Students and Their Parents
DOE#:                 SCR 153303             Brandman University     EDUC 9002          

Title:                    Effective Communication: How to Ensure Your Students Master This GLO
DOE#:                  ST 153109                                          

Title:                    Strategies to Strengthen the Social, Emotional and Physical Well-Being of All Your Students
DOE#:                  LE 153152                                            

Title:                    Student Centered Learning: An Instructional Strategy That Works
DOE#:                  IS 152753               Brandman University     EDUC 9688 D 

Title:                    Creating Quality Producers in Your Classroom
DOE#:                  ST 152755              Brandman University     EDUC 9689 D 

Title:                    Helping Students Become Self-Directed Learners
DOE#:                  ST 152558              Brandman University     EDUC  9618 D

Title:                     Underachieving Students: How to Identify the Causes and Develop Strategies to Make Them Successful
DOE#:                   LE 152585               Brandman University     EDUC 9619 D 

Title:                     Higher Order Thinking Skills: The Essential Component to Improving Test Scores
DOE#:                   2840                     Brandman University      EDUC 9455 D 

Title:                      Inclusion: How to Make It Work in Your Classroom
DOE#:                    LE150827               Brandman University     EDUC 9456 D 

Title:                      Diversity: How to Recognize and Meet the Unique Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom
DOE#:                    2758                    Brandman University      EDUC 9410 B         

Title:                      Classroom Management That Works
DOE#:                    2758                    Brandman University      EDUC 9130 B  

Title:                    Brain-Based Teaching: Using the Latest Brain Research to Improve Instruction
DOE#::                  2486                      Brandman University:    9828 B         

Title:                    Differentiation in Practice: How to Make It Work in Your Classroom
 DOE:                   2485                       Brandman University:    9829 B        

Title:                   How to Create Multiple Assessments Tools to Determine a Student’s Comprehension of  Content Standards
DOE:                   2149 (this is a repeat of class #113)  Brandman University:    9105 B  


Title:                   Effective Classroom Management: The Key to Improving Student Achievement
DOE#:                 1894                        Brandman University:     EDUC 9762 B     

Title:                  Improving Student Achievement By Increasing Parent and Community Support
DOE#:                1895                       Brandman University:     EDUC 9763 B   


Title::                How to Use Rubrics to Improve Instruction
DOE#:               1524                         Chapman University:     EDUC 9122D     

Title:                Aligning Standards With Instruction: How to Develop Activities Consistent With Content Standards
DOE#:              1525                        Chapman University:     EDUC 9123 D      


Title:                Using Research Based Motivation Strategies to Improve Student Achievement
DOE#:              1079                       Chapman University:     EDUC 9551 B    

Title:               How to Create Assessments That and Improve Student Performance
DOE#:             1086                        Chapman University:     EDUC 9554 B     3 Graduate Level Credits

Title:               Techniques That Help Organize Student thinking and Learning of Content Standards
DOE#:             946 (this is the same course at #112)    Chapman University:     EDUC 9106 B      

Title:               Diversity: How to Recognize and Meet the Unique Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom
DOE#:             930                          Chapman University:     EDUC 9410 B      

Title:               Classroom Management That Works: Using Research-Based Strategies to Create an Effective Learning Environment
DOE#:             575                           Chapman University:     EDUC 9130 B     

Title:              The Differentiated Classroom: Addressing the Needs of All Your Students
DOE#:             513                           Chapman University:     EDUC 9265 B      

Title:             How to Create Multiple Assessment Tools to Determine Student Comprehension of Content Standards
DOE#:            113      3 “PD” Credits          Chapman University:     EDUC 9105 B     

Title:            Techniques That Help Organize Student thinking and Learning of Content Standards
DOE#:            112                                      Chapman University:     EDUC 9106 B