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Getting Credits and Moving up Reclassification is Easy..

1.  Get verbal approval from the principal to take a class
2.  Register and complete class
3.  Fill out form 200-005 (University credits) and get signed by principal
4.  Email signed 200-005 form AND Official Transcript from UMASS to Reclassification Office

Helpful Links for Hawaii Teachers

Earn your 6 credits toward your Sheltered Instruction requirement and reclassification at the same time:

LoVerde Group is currently offering 2 classes to help you earn toward your TESOL (Sheltered Instruction) requirement. These courses also count toward your reclassification. Each course is worth 3 credits.

Inclusion Strategies for ESL Students in Your Classroom EDNU 9031

Strategies for Supporting and Engaging Parents of ESL Students EDEU 9018


Strategies for Supporting and Engaging Parents of ESL Students

DOE is now Accepting University Credits Like They Did in the 90ʻs and Early 2000s!

This is a recent change and click the button below to see the memo stating the change. This means Hawaii teacher can take our online classes or live WebX classes. 

You must get Principal approval for any class you take. All of our classes are written to address specific parts of the District’s Strategic Plan. When you go for Principal approval you can share with them what objectives the class is addressing. Click the button to see what objectives each class addresses. This also means the portfolios submitted to the LoVerde Group WILL NOT have to be resubmitted to the DOE’s PDE3 office for further evaluation and assessment. Participants will receive credit through UMASS Global. 

Four New Course Offerings!

Hawaii Classes - LoVerde Group

Inclusion Strategies for ESL Students in Your Classroom

This course earns credit toward TESOL requirement by Hawaii DOE


Developing a Strengthened Sense of Responsibility in Your Students


Taking Care of Yourself, So You Can Take Care of Your Students

As a veteran teacher with 20 years in the DOE, I look back and am so grateful for the opportunities that Joe and Dave have provided. I can honestly say that their classes are the reason I was able to earn the credits needed to move up the pay scale so quickly. Their simple, yet practical approach made it easy for me to complete the assignments. What made the classes even more enjoyable was having friends and colleagues who also took the classes with me. It was an opportunity for us to learn together, while also enjoying each others' company. I would highly recommend their classes!
Traci Young, 6th Grade SS Teacher Academic Coach

"Taking Joe Loverde's classes has provided me with a lot of knowledge that is practical and useful in the classroom.  Joe's experience and knowledge of education uplifts teacher to make real changes in their classrooms.  His positive vibe and enthusiasm during his PD courses keeps everyone motivated and wantingto learn more to support themselves as well as their students.  He inspires teachers to be reflective on their teaching practices and provides strategies that will make a positive change for the teacher to support learning and student success."

Dave Pila, Vice Principal (McKinley High School)

Brandman Acquired By University of Massachusetts Global

Brandman University was recently acquired by the University of Massachusetts and branded as University of Massachusetts Global.  It still carries its same accreditation Senior College and University Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WSCUC), which is the same accreditation as The University of Hawaii Mānoa.  The Loverde Group has been in contact with the Hawaii DOE and has been reassured that classes obtained through UMASS Global meets the criteria for reclassification.