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We know teachers have a million demands and not enough time. Our courses allow you to work at your own pace with real people. We strive to make the process from registration to receiving a grade stress-free. Emily will walk you through each step of the process.

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Issues in Education: Understanding How They Are Impacting Your Profession

Hawaii Classes - LoVerde Group

Inclusion Strategies for ESL Students in Your Classroom


Taking Care of Yourself, So You Can Take Care of Your Students

Inspiring Excellence in Your Students


Effective Classroom Management: The Foundation of Learning


Developing a Strengthened Sense of Responsibility in Your Students


Building a Sense of Belonging in Your Students


Bringing Excitement to the Classroom

Inspiring Excellence

How to Create a Positive Learning Environment


Instructional Strategies that Address Multiple Intelligences


Building a Sense of Well-Being in Your Students


Empowering Your Students for Success in Your Classroom and Life

Growth Mindset

Fostering a Growth Mindset

Building Resiliency - LoVerde Group

Building Resiliency in Your Students

Highly Effective Teachers - LoVerde Group

Characteristics of Highly Effective Educators

How to Build Partnerships - LoVerde Group

How to Build Partnerships with Parents, Community Resources and District Programs

Difficult Student - LoVerde Group

How to Help the Challenging Student in Your Classroom

Differentiation Strategies - LoVerde Group

Differentiation Strategies: How to Meet the Individual Needs of Each Student in Your Classroom

Culture of Excellence - LoVerde Group

Strategies for Building a Culture of Excellence in Your Classroom

Gender Gap - LoVerde Group

Inspiring Excellence in Your Students

Visual Representations - LoVerde Group

Visual Representations: An Effective Tool to Promote Learning and Critical Thinking in Your Students

Cyber Learning - LoVerde Group

Today's Cyber World: How to Manage Its Impact on Learning in Your Classroom


Strategies for Supporting and Engaging Parents of ESL Students

Hawaii Classes - LoVerde Group

Inclusion Strategies for ESL Students in Your Classroom

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