Today's Cyber World

How to Manage Its Impact Upon Learning in Your Classroom 

Course #: EDKU 9942

Credit: 3 semester hours of Graduate credit from Brandman University

Cost: $400

Cyber Learning - LoVerde Group

Course Description

Teaching in today’s cyber world presents many challenges to educators. The most obvious one is how to master and utilize the constantly changing technology that is being developed for use in the classroom. The less obvious, is the impact that the cyber world is having on how students view the world, think about information, connect and communicate with their peers, impact their need for variety and immediate feedback as well as influence their ability to persist through difficult tasks. In this class, we will look at each of those dynamics and the impact they are having on student learning and behavior in the classroom, as well as what teachers can do to maximize learning in their classroom given those dynamics.

The first step in this process will be a thorough examination of how the cyber world is impacting their student’s thinking about learning and how they define what is important and not important to them in that process. This examination will include how it impacts the learning and behavior of two students in your classroom and their relationship to 10 dynamics will be addressed in this course

The next step will be for the participants to create and implement 2 strategies, for each of the two students assessed in Module #1, to improve their performance and achievement in the classroom. Participants will be shown numerous examples of actions other educators have taken and be asked to select actions that they believe address the specific needs of each of the three students. You will implement those strategies over a period of time and collect student evidence to reflect the impact it had on student learning and performance.

The final step will be for the participants to evaluate the effectiveness of each of their actions. They will be required to select criteria they will use as a metric to measure the impact of each action and collect student evidence that supports their evaluation. They will also determine if those actions are ones they plan to continue using, modify in some manner or discard.

As the world is changing at such a rapid pace, it is imperative that educators understand and adjust to those changes if they are to provide the most effective education possible for each of their students.


This course consists of 3 modules. Each module has a Powerpoint presentation that you will watch and then complete the accompanying worksheets.

You can choose to have each module sent to you as you complete it, or we can send you all of the modules at the same time. 

You will have up to 6 months to complete the class. Credit for the class can’t be granted sooner than one month after registering even if you complete all the modules before that time.

Once you have completed the class, you will receive an email from Brandman University with your student account. It will have a login and password for you to be able to access your grades and request a transcript.

If you have any questions or concerns as you view the PowerPoints and complete the written work, please contact Emily LoVerde Berchier at:

​Phone: (505) 333-9609

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