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LoVerde Group’s mission is to empower teachers to improve their own practice and increase their financial well-being.

Joe LoVerde


As an educator working in the public school system and a University Professor for the past twenty years, Joe has devoted himself to the study of how we learn. He has taken the knowledge gained through his practice and research to develop strategies and techniques that you can use in your life to immediately improve the quality of your instruction and accelerate your own learning.

Whether you attend one of Joe’s graduate classes, his speaking engagements or work with him one-on-one, you will walk away from your experience with practical ideas and strategies that you can immediately implement in your classroom and life.

Joe is incredibly proud and honored to have David Dunaway, Allan Silva and Emily Berchier join his team to help The LoVerde Group present classes around the country that educate, challenge and inspire teachers. 



Dave Dunaway

Live Course Presenter

Dave has prided himself on being a lifelong learner with a passion for education.  He is a graduate of the Kamehameha Schools and the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a double bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Speech Communications.  He has his professional degree in education and a master’s degree in administration with a concentration in multicultural diversity and organizational leadership.  Dave has over 25 years of teaching experience with multiple grade levels, subjects, and is highly qualified in Elementary Education, K-9 Mathematics, K-12 Social Studies, and K-12 Physical Education and Health. 

Dave’s experience as a professional speaker, entertainer, business owner, and coach strengthened his ability to be an effective communicator and motivator with students, colleagues, and the community.

Dave has been working with the LoVerde Group for over ten years and is eager to share his experience, ideas and knowledge to help educational professionals achieve their goals and ultimately impact student achievement.


Dave Dunaway - LoVerde Group

Emily Berchier

Vice President

Emily Berchier has worked with the LoVerde Group in many different roles for 10 years. In addition to running operations and working with participants, she also works as an instructional coach and mentor to teachers in Portland. Prior, Emily taught in Portland Public Schools. She has a journalism degree from the University of Oregon and earned her Master’s in Education from Concordia University. As teacher and mom of two small boys, Emily knows first-hand the life balance tricks teachers have to pull off each day. That is why she loves working with online students.
Emily Profile

April Yasaka

Course Instructor

For over 10 years,  April has taught 7th grade Social Studies.  She believes that the work of a teacher is never finished and professional development is a major part of that growth.  April earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Economics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and a Masters in Secondary Education from Chaminade University.  With 2 young children and multiple jobs, April keeps busy. She loves it!

Allan Silva

Live Course Presenter

Allan Silva received his B.A. from Chaminade University, and his Masters in Education from the University of Hawaii.

He worked with the Dept. of Education for 31 years as a: Teacher, Counselor, Peer Education Director, Outreach Counselor/Director of Alternative Program with At-Risk Youth, State Resource Teacher. He was a Basketball Coach at Farrington H.S. for 11 years, that resulted in his student-athletes learning positive life skills, and to go on to Win 2 State Championships and 3 O.I.A. Championships.  Allan is now a Coach with the Hawaii Swish Pro-Basketball Team, and also conducts basketball shooting clinics throughout the United States. 

Currently he is an Educational Consultant in the State of Hawaii for Public Charter Schools, Department of Education and Private Schools.

His work has been featured; on the cover page of Mid-week, Star Bulletin newspaper, OHA report, Dr. Linda Wheeler’s book-“Aloha, The Spirit Within You,” Stan Kellner’s book- “Beyond the Absolute Limit,” Hawaii MVP news with Robert Kekaula, commendations from the Hawaii State Senate for his work with youth, Department of Education Counselor of the year, and an acknowledgement from Dr. Arun Gandhi of the “We Are One Foundation” for his contribution of sharing H.R.S. 5-7.5 The Law of Aloha.

His mission is to make an”Aloha difference” with our youth in Hawaii (our future leaders), teachers, families, and communities.  This journey has allowed him the opportunity to work with thousands of students, teachers and adults throughout the State of Hawaii. 

The key for you and me is to embrace the powerful gift of Aloha with,   Self, Family, and Others.

 A kahai – Kindness (grace) to be expressed with tenderness.

 L ōkahi – Unity (unbroken) to be expressed with harmony.

‘O lu’olu – Agreeable (gentle) to be expressed with pleasantness.

 H a’aha’a – Humility (empty) to be expressed with modesty.

 A honui –Patience, (waiting) to be expressed with perseverance.



"I really enjoyed taking classes from the LoVerde Group! The workload was very manageable and I was able to work at my own pace. The strategies I studied were immediately useful in my classroom. Emily was extremely helpful, getting back to me right away any time I had a question or problem. I would recommend these classes to any busy teacher that wants useful professional development.”
Sarah McKee - Online Student
Portland, Oregon
"I have taken 5 classes from the LoVerde Group and everyone one of them has provided me with at least 3-4 great ideas and strategies I could immediate use in my classroom. If you are looking for classes that address the real issues that you are facing each day in the classroom, these are the classes for you."

Dante Baken - Live Course Student
Durango, Colorado
"I discovered Joe Loverde's classes when I was just about to give up on reclassifying . I had bailed on many PD courses because they always seemed due right during some other stressful school deadline, like IEPs or grading. Loverde's structured, easily to follow portfolio format and clear instructions on how to meet PD requirements helped hoist me to the top pay class. Not only that-- Joe's presentations inspire compelling, self-reflective and critical inquiries into our everyday practice as teachers. "
Dan McLaughlin
Honolulu, Hawaii