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Choose which course you want to take

Get verbal confirmation from your principal

Register for the course you want to take at LoVerdeGroup.com. You will be guided to a secure checkout at UMass Global.

24 hours hours after registering, you will receive a welcome email and the coursework from the LoVerde Group.

earn graduate credits toward reclassification

The DOE now allows teachers to earn graduate credits toward reclassification. That means no more portfolios and you don’t have to register through the PDE3 website. You can register directly through the LoVerde Group after you get your Principal’s approval.

What’s the difference between WebEx and Self-Paced Classes?

WebEx Class Benefits: Teachers have the chance collaborate with other teachers and have an awesome live presenter, Dave Dunaway. Teachers meet at two scheduled times online and then complete some of the work independently. The course offerings change throughout the year. Check out the Live Course page on our website for more information

Self-Paced Class Benefits: Teachers can start anytime and work independently at their own pace. There are 26 courses to choose from.

TESOL Approved Courses

DOE is now Accepting
University Credits
Like They Did in the
90ʻs and Early 2000s!

This is a recent change and click the button below to see the memo stating the change. This means Hawaii teacher can take our online classes or live WebX classes.

You must get Principal approval for any class you take. All of our classes are written to address specific parts of the District’s Strategic Plan. When you go for Principal approval you can share with them what objectives the class is addressing. Click the button to see what objectives each class addresses. This also means the portfolios submitted to the LoVerde Group WILL NOT have to be resubmitted to the DOE’s PDE3 office for further evaluation and assessment. Participants will receive credit through UMASS Global.


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